YXZ Radius Cage “2.0” **(contact us for orders)**

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Worked up with a little different style, the "2.0" has some featured enhancements. With  duners and racers both in mind, we chose to open up the line of sight for a much better view through the front of the cage.

Shown in a couple different heights, from low to mid-height. Available and tailored for most any size occupant.

**Updated: cages are now standard with .120" thick main pillar tubes (A, B, & C pillar). and .095" cross/gusset tubes**

please call (513) 594-4560 for more info!

*fits 2016-2018 models*

**Bumper and accessories shown are added options**

Rear bumper is constructed from .095" DOM tubing and is intended to add not only strength and rigidity to the frame but also great looks! The swing-open tire carrier is built from the same quality materials, is hinged on the passenger side, and latches on the drivers' side.

**Base price is raw metal only, powdercoating is $300-$400 additional**

**$275.00 is only an estimate for freight shipping, this cost will be adjusted upon completion**

**Additional crating fees to be applied-$100.00/Raw metal, $200.00/Powdercoated**