YXZ full chassis gusset package **currently being re-worked**

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Tired of seeing those cracked welds, chipped paint, bent tabs or any other problems associated with the frame in it's stock form? Are you looking to preserve the life of your chassis? Maybe you've torn the front shock tower off, or noticed bending and tweaking in some funky places? This weld-in gusset package will give you the peace of mind you need to push your rig to its limits. The 50 piece set includes extensive gusseting for the front shock tower, the rear shock tower, the front and rear control arm brackets for both sides, as well as a few chassis/ cage gussets to further spread the loads. For some MUCH needed added safety, we've incorporated tabs to transform your seat-belt/ harness tabs into a double shear mount, placing a solid welded tab on both sides of each seat-belt end. Gussets for them are included as well. We also include the hardware required and some handy instructions to help get you through the process. This is an extensive kit and requires some above average fabrication skills, as well as welding and grinding equipment.

*We can provide you with top-quality installation on these kits, feel free to contact us!*