Can-Am Maverick X3 Roll Cage

$ 1,550.00

The Krash Offroad Can-am X3 cage has landed! The X3 is built using dual-phase steel technology, so that got us thinking...Why pull off something so advanced and replace it with an inferior material? So we opted for the use of Docol R8 tubing, and only Tig welding techniques. This ensures the highest level of quality, and superior strength. The overhead bars are shaped into a V, to protect both occupants. Every major tube junction is gusseted, as well as the mounting plates. We have also included a bung to allow the use of the factory rear-view mirror. Good looks come in the form of an aluminum roof (standard), high quality fasteners, and top-notch craftsmanship. The integrated rear bumper is optional, as well as the A-pillar supports, allowing the customer to choose their level of added protection and added weight. Both feature the use of removable bungs to help ease the installation process. A-pillar support is in the perfect location, allowing the door to open and close as normal, and occupants to easily climb in and out of the car. Rear bumper is also fully functional with the use of our Hitch with no modifications required. 


**although we try to keep a couple cages on hand, please contact us for orders and allow 2-3 weeks for a completed shipment**

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